About Us


GABY is an innovative cannabis & CBD house of brands with a dual channel sales strategy – selling into the licensed cannabis channel and the mainstream grocery channel.


Based in Sonoma County, California

Gaby Inc is a U.S. focused consumer packaged goods (CPG) company taking a unique approach to cannabis and hemp-infused products. With relationships in over 3,400 retailers in the mainstream sales channel, Gaby Inc bridges the gap between the licensed dispensary and mainstream markets. Success as a CPG company requires quality and speed. Gaby has both; owning its manufacturing infrastructure and licenses, and thus controlling the quality of its products. Gaby brands are ensured speed-to-market through its proprietary distribution infrastructure and licenses, its team of diverse salespeople, its network of third-party distributors, and its existing relationships with retailers. With a focus on its societal and environmental impacts, Gaby Inc is a conscious corporation striving to innovate and inspire through plant-based lifestyles.


How Have We Been Doing?

  • $45,000,000 Raised
  • 50 Employees
  • 3,400 Mainstream Locations
  • 105 Licensed retail accounts
  • 6 Brands in portfolio
  • 2 countries with Headquarters
  • 20+ Licensed Retail Accounts
  • 2 distribution depots
  • 20,000 sq. feet of processing & packaging